Day 14

Winnie and the Car Ride

Is there anything more funny than to see a furry friend sticking their head out of a moving car window with their hangy jowls and ears flapping in the wind? Winnie had an appointment at the groomer’s today, and, since we have been in deep winter hibernation the past few months, she has not been on a car ride in quite a while. She could barely wait or for me to crack the window before she smashed her nose on the glass and tried to force the window down herself. It made me laugh out loud to see her head take flight as we picked up speed. She tried persistently to catch the passing air in her mouth, and her nose was working overtime to take in the smell of all the restaurants we passed. I saw fellow drivers look over at our car and smile at the sight of Winnie’s performance out of the passenger window. In her own special Winnie way, she reminded me and everyone we passed that you should try to experience every moment with as much joy and excitement as possible. In other words, you should stick your head out the window and enjoy!


5 thoughts on “Day 14

  1. Love “you should stick your head out the window and enjoy.” Such a cute way to present a real message! “Smile at Winnie’s performance…” Nice! You are right, when you see a dog rising along in the car next to you, it DOES bring about a smile!

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