Day 12

Winnie and her Grandma

I am a very lucky person in that my mom comes to my house 2 days a week to watch my son, Ryan.  Winnie considers herself very very lucky because she has a companion to spend time with every Tuesday and Thursday. Ever since my mom has been coming over on a regular basis, however, Winnie has been acquiring some rather strange new habits.

My mom started bringing in bones and treats for Winnie in grocery bags.

Whenever my husband or I return home she pushes and smushes her snout into whatever bags we might be carrying.


My mom started “dropping” pretzels from the container on to the floor.

Whenever we pull off a lid from a tub, Winnie comes sprinting into the kitchen.


My mom started putting out pillows for Winnie to rest her head on.

Whenever we sit on the couch or the bed, Winnie cries for pillow.

When confronted about these strange new habits my mom responds with her favorite saying “Whatever happens with grandma, stays with Grandma.” I think Winnie would happily agree.


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