Day 4


It had been four months since Winnie last relapsed, but today she had a major slip up. Since learning that chewing carpet was a MAJOR no-no in our home, Winnie matured a bit and grew a liking to ripping up little bits tissue and toilet paper. My husband and I thought she had out grown this addiction as well, but when we brought our son, Ryan, home for the first time she had celebrated his arrival with a paper party and had chewed up an entire box of clean-ex.

Today, I came home to what I can only describe as a Fat Tuesday toilet paper parade. When walking through the door, I knew something had happened because Winnie did not greet Ryan and I like usual. Instead, I found her crouched behind two pieces of furniture with big puppy eyes. I immediately began looking through the house when I found an explosion of little white bits all over the bedroom.  

Winnie, being the over-the-top drama queen that she is, chose to punish herself for the next hour and stayed hidden behind the furniture in “timeout.” 


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