Day 3

Winnie and the Guest

Winnie has a very important ritual she goes through whenever a guest comes to our house. She never changes her ritual or deviates from the specific order of events. Today when our babysitter came over to pick up my son, Winnie began her ritual as usual.

  1. Winnie must be acknowledged by the guest with some type of greeting and a pet.
  2. Winnie sniffs or attempts to sniff guests as only dogs like to sniff (Reader, you know what I mean.)
  3. Winnie shares current rawhide she is working on with guest. She prefers to be complimented on the hard work she has put into chewing raw hide.
  4. Winnie shares her red bone or red ball with guest. This is a test to see if the guest is willing to play tug-of-war or fetch. We usually advise all guests to ignore the red bone or ball. If the guest is nice enough to want to play with Winnie, she will torture the guest with nonstop attention, and she is usually put into a bedroom for being a pest or her red toys are put away out of her field of vision.
  5. Winnie pouts on the couch for not being paid attention to enough. The pouting has significantly increased since the addition of our new baby, Ryan.

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