Day 1

This is my second attempt at the Slice of Life, March writing challenging. Honestly, my first attempt was not what I would describe as successful. My consistency for writing every day was less than stellar. I did learn a few things about myself as a writer. I realized that I have extreme difficulty just sitting down and finding something to write about when given the option to write about anything. Somehow certain topics or ideas just didn’t seem good enough, and I would find myself just staring at an empty computer screen. I also realized that sharing my writing with an audience is a little overwhelming, and I would find myself feeling anxious wondering if what I wrote was good enough.

In order to address my writing “issues”, I have come up with a plan. I have decided to give my blog a focus. This way, when I find myself staring at an empty computer screen, I’ll have some type of direction and starting off point.  The new focus of my blog is the only furry member of family, my dog Winnie. With a new baby in the house, Winnie has been a bit neglected, and in order to reconnect with my furry daughter, I dedicating my blog to her. She is an endless source of inspiration.  I know focusing my writing on her, but allowing myself the freedom to go in another direction if I want to, will help me be successful in this challenge.

To address my anxiety over sharing my writing with an audience, I have decided to put myself out there and give this writing challenge another try. The more you do something the less scary it is, so my goal is to write and post every day.  If I am consistently asking my students to write and share their work, it’s only right I do the same.

Happy Writing!


9 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. I’m so glad that you have learned that you need a direction. I would love to hear about Winnie! Welcome to this year. I always look at the slice writing as being less polished, the best first draft. We don’t have time for more…most of us. I also will be going back and doing revision on old posts from, my year 1 and making them better. xo

  2. Oh boy, I can’t wait to hear about Winnie’s adventures! I think we’re going to need to see a picture. 🙂 Glad you re-committed for this year – you ARE a good writer.

  3. Congrats on getting back into the SOLSC. I like your plan to focus on Winnie. What kind of dog is she? I look forward to reading more about her.

  4. Thanks for voicing your thoughts about writing every day and wondering if your writing is good enough. That was one of my main concerns when I began this last year…and I wonder how many others feel the same. Your idea of having a focus sounds like a great plan…and what a perfect focus…little Winnie…Hmmmm not sure if Winnie is little or not. Looking forward in reading your posts…learning about Winnie…and whatever topic your writing may take that day. Jackie

  5. It’s so tough to fit it in, I know. It’s so awesomely stellar though! I save money this month not buying magazine because all I do is read slices. Lol! I love Winnie already. We need a pic. Although you might have one- I’m on my phone so I can’t see.
    🙂 welcome back!!

  6. Hi Lindsey-you may not like the style, but here’s a long time slicer friend who has named her blog after her dog, so check it out & perhaps it will be an inspiration! She’s been blogging for 3 years, her 4th SOLC, & it’s always great to hear about the dog, although she writes other things too. Deb Day at Congratulations on your new baby too. I hope that she or he sneaks into the blog once in a while. Everyone loves to hear about babies! Best wishes on your plan!

  7. Yay Lindsey! I’m so excited that you’re giving it another try…you’ll get hooked don’t worry! What a good idea to write about your dog…I’ve been feeling like my dog is neglected sometimes because of Blake so what a great way to honor her!

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